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Over the last 20 years, LTP has worked tirelessly to become a major supplier to those in the tile and stone market. Their products are used to seal, clean, and maintain products, and ever since they developed the secret to the perfect tile and stone cleaning solution they have continued to succeed. In fact, over the last three years, the company has seen remarkable growth with an increase in turnover of over 300% and 700 stockists across the UK and Ireland.

How does LTP continue to innovate?

At its inception, LTP used a cement mixer for production but this has now moved to a chemical packing company. This has reduced production costs and allows stockists and consumers to buy products at a more cost-effective price. A huge benefit of LTP goods is their ease of application. Across sealers, cleaners, and maintenance products they can be easily applied and comfortably used making them enduringly popular.

Additionally, with an engaged and knowledgeable support team, you will be able to get technical help with any related issues as well as have resources on their websites such as literature and product guides.

What items can be found on the LTP?

Here at BC Profiles, we stock three important products from LTP. The Black Spot & Algae remover is ideal for keeping your patio, garden path, or driveway looking fresh as it clings to the surface and removes mold spores, black spots, fungus algae, and moss as well as other conditions. This can be used on any patio paving. Secondly, you can buy the Ferrex Rust remover and stone cleaner which can reverse oxidation problems that can afflict natural stone. This product is used to remove these blemishes however we recommend not using it on acid-sensitive surfaces such as polished natural stone. The Ferrex Rust remover comes in two different sizes so that you can assess how much you need for your task and potentially save money.

If you have any concerns or need product recommendations please speak with our customer service team and they will be able to help.

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