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Fit For The Job

Fit for the Job is one of the leading producers of sandpaper and have enduring popularity with customers who need to use sandpaper for a variety of jobs.

What is sandpaper used for?

Sandpaper is commonly needed to smooth a surface however it is created with several grits. Different grit-sandpapers serve different purposes, for instance, some may be used to remove a layer of material such as paint, whilst others might be necessary in DIY in order to make a surface, such as a chair or a table smoother. In some cases, there are even sandpapers that are used to roughen a surface, for example, in preparation for gluing.

What types of sandpaper can I find at BC Profiles?

We offer four different types of sandpaper from Fit for the Job in our online shop:

Sandpaper Coarse

Coarse sandpaper excels when being used to smooth and shape wood and during the removal of old finishes, such as coats of polyurethane. This flint/glass abrasive paper is suitable for hand sanding and preparing paint.

Sandpaper Assorted

This option has a range of sandpapers so that you can always be prepared for any issue. Like coarse sandpaper, it is useful if you need to hand sand a surface or remove a layer before painting.

Sandpaper Fine

Fine sandpapers range from 120- to 220-grit. For most domestic workspaces, this sandpaper will sufficiently sand surfaces before finishing the project and is especially good when used between coats of paint or varnish.

Sandpaper Medium

If you are concerned about causing damage to more sensitive surfaces or want to approach harder surfaces more softly then we suggest the Fit for the Hob medium sandpaper. Suitable for general purpose hand sanding and paint preparation. Medium grade.

If you have any concerns about products and require some recommendations, please use our customer support service and we will be able to provide insight and advice to help you make the right choice.

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