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Demsun is a construction chemicals brand that specialises in producing indoor and outdoor spray paints as well as adhesives, sealants and expanding foam. Demsun spray paints are quick-drying and suitable for a number of applications including wood, metal, paper and glass. These high grade-nitro combi spray paints from Demsun provide great coverage and offer excellent adhesion for a long-lasting result. Our range of sealants and adhesives from the brand also offers high quality, long-lasting results, providing effective filling, insulation and bonding for a number of DIY and construction tasks.

Demsun is a trusted voice in the market with a quarter of a century of experience in the industry. The brand aims to design products that place contractors at the centre and produce products that will make their life easier and their results more impressive. It’s for this reason that Demsun’s products combine high-quality results with cost-effectiveness.

Different types of Demsun?

The brand offers a range of different types of construction chemicals:

  • Pu Foams – used for insulation, filling and fire rating.
  • Sealants – needed for sealing, insulating and filling.
  • Adhesives – required for bonding.
  • Aerosols – these are useful for cleaning & lubricating.
  • Spray Paints – a creative product with many purposes such as decorating or creating art.

Demsun Spray Paint

We have numerous types of spray paint that can be used by consumers or constructors. There are different types of spray paint, some of which can only be used indoors however all our Demsun products are good for indoor and outdoor use. They dry quickly and can be used on a range of different surfaces. The spray paint is equally effective on wood, metal, paper, glass or paintable hard plastics. They can even be sprayed on certain textiles. Additionally, BC Profiles stock over 15 different colours for you to choose from such as red, blue, matt white and glossy yellow amongst many more. Importantly, the spray is weather resistant and therefore it won’t wash away at the first sign of rain.


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