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Big Wipes

Big Wipes Antibacterial Wipes

Big Wipes can be used for cleaning hands, tools and various surfaces. with antibacterial properties for effective cleaning. Designed for use by trade and professionals, but can also be used in the home for everyday use. 

Big Wipes are fast becoming a DIY essential and a must for any trades-person. Designed to remove paint, gap fill, adhesive, oil, PU foam silicone and more from hands, tools and surfaces, letting you stay in top condition for the job at hand. At BC Profiles, we offer a selection of Big Wipes including the popular Big Wipes Heavy Duty wipes that remove 40% more grime with every wipe. Big Wipes are one of the best cleaning wipes on the market and let you mop up even stubborn dirt in no time at all. Dermatologically tested, the water-based formula used in Big Wipes is preservative free, biodegradable and offers 99% antibacterial protection. The smart dispensing system is ideal for quick access, perfect for busy jobs. Shop the Big Wipes collection at BC Profiles today for innovative cleaning wipes that keep you, your tools and your surfaces clean and hygienic.