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Acrypol roof coating is a long-lasting and instant waterproofing system for leaking or failing flat roofs. Designed to aid refurbishment projects on domestic, commercial and industrial flat roofing. Easy to apply, Acrypol roof coating can be applied even during wet weather, forming a tough yet flexible overlay for flat roofs.

Who should use Acrypol?

One of the great benefits of Acrypol is that it can be used for smaller DIY projects as well as larger-scale construction work. This is reflected in our online store where we stock 3 different sizes of the Acrypol product: 2.5kg, 5kg and 20kg. Furthermore, Acrypol is easy to apply and therefore you don’t need to be a repair expert to use it. However, it is important to read the instructions very carefully before applying.

When can it be applied?

Leaks can, unfortunately, occur at any time meaning it is always worth having some Acrypol in your home if you have a flat roof. However, commonly they occur when your area is suffering from torrential rain and inclement conditions. Positively, Acrypol can be used in wet weather and therefore you can wrap up warm and solve the leak as quickly as possible.

How do you apply Acrypol?

It is very simply to apply the product. It ac a semi-liquid paste and therefore you need a good and healthy brush to coat the roof. It will dry and create a very tough and robust overlay which are also flexible and seamless. Additionally, the results are long term.

How much does Acrypol cost?

At BC Profiles we offer all our products at an affordable rate so that consumers can repair their homes without breaking the bank. For smaller 2.5kg and 5kg options it can cost between £35-£60 whilst larger sizes can cost around £260. 

For advice on applying Acrypol or how much you will need you should do thorough research as well as contact an expert if you require further guidance. Our customer service team will also be able to offer some insight and point you in the right direction.

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