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9mm Vented Soffit Boards

Vented Soffit Boards

BC Profiles stocks a wide range of vented soffit boards. As part of our expansive collection of roofline products, they come with built-in slots to ensure that your roof remains well ventilated. Thanks to this, the chances of damp or rot occurring are hugely decreased. Available in white, we have various sizes to choose from. Soffit vents are a great way to improve ventilation in the home and improve the overall quality of the property. Installed on the underside of the eaves if your home, they pull fresh air from outside and allow it to circulate throughout the attic. The main difference between soffit boards and traditional roof vents is the fact that they are not as visible, perfect for new build homes and renovation projects. Once vented soffit boards are installed in the home, the benefits should be instant, decreasing the temperature of the home and reducing moisture and heat accumulation in the attic space. Without proper ventilation, the roof system can become damaged through mold, rot and peeling, so it’s wise to take action now. Installing soffit vents is simple with the right tools to hant, simply mark the hole, cut with a jigsaw and screw or pin the vent into place. To find out more about soffit vents or to discuss the suitability of vented soffit boards for your project, get in touch with a member of the BC Profiles team today. We currently offer a wide range of ventilation solutions, including soffit and fascia accessories, shop the range today.